Easily Create Estimates in Just Minutes!

Now residential contractors and remodelers can create fast and accurate estimates with Estimator PRO 5.3. It does everything that you can do with paper and pencil, but using Estimator PRO you can produce a highly accurate, detailed estimate for an average home (1800 SF) in less than 90 minutes!

An intuitive 'point and click' interface makes it easy to produce estimates with 100% accuracy. 'Under the hood' Estimator PRO tabulates materials and prices, and eliminates math errors (no more embarrassing and costly typos!)

Estimator PRO handles any level of detail and produces everything from rough to detailed estimates. You select the right estimating method for your project - detailed, unit pricing (price/SF, price/LF), lump sum, etc. Estimates are stored and can be easily edited and updated to incorporate changes.

Create detailed estimates in less than 90 minutes!
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Eliminate math errors, and estimate required materials with ease and accuracy.
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Automatically Integrates with Quickbooks

Estimator PRO arranges information in a logical and organized manner, making your estimates stand out from the crowd and increasing readability, persuasiveness, and professionalism.

Estimator PRO version 5.3 saves you even more time instantly creating purchase orders for required materials and automatically updating your accounts through QuickBooks Pro.

Featuring a detailed 'getting started' guide, Estimator PRO takes just minutes to learn, and gives you complete control for rapid customization.

Simplifies accounting by exporting estimates to Quickbooks Pro with a few simple clicks.
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Automatically creates Purchase Orders for required materials, in Quickbooks Pro.
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Export Data From the Plan... Instantly!

Estimator PRO also integrates with ScaleMaster II, an award-winning plan-measuring tool. This combination enables builders to perform quick, easy and accurate linear, area and volume takeoffs, exporting the data from the plan instantly into Estimator PRO.

This optional add-on includes everything you need to hook ScaleMaster II to your PC, and carries an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.

Technical Specifications

  • Estimator PRO requires Microsoft Excel 2000
  • Version 5.3 requires QuickBooks Pro (for automatic Purchase Order creation)
  • Windows 98/ME/2000(SP2)/XP/Vista/Win7
  • Pentium 133 MHz with 64 MB RAM (minimum)

Makes estimating a breeze, with integrated plan-measuring for quick takeoffs.